September 9, 2016

Reward and Referral Programmes


1. Background

Granite Finance provides bridging finance to property Sellers and Estate Agents and recognizes that the best way to source good business is through professionals with close contact to our current and future clients. These professionals understand both the clients’ needs, and the bridging product. As such, Granite has designed the Programmes for conveyancers, estate agents and other property market specialists in order to reward them for their efforts in identifying potential bridging deals.


2. Details

  • Qualifying deals: Seller’s Advances approved at the standard discounting rate.
  • Amount paid by Granite: A pre-agreed scale of the deal rate.
  • Timing of payment: Within 5 working days of deal settlement.
  • Qualifying participants: Any legal or property market professional, either at the firm or individual level, subject to clearance by Granite Finance.


3. Bridging for Estate Agents

Granite also bridges Estate Agents’ and Estate Agencies’ commissions at the rate of 0.075% per day, or R0.75c per R1 000 per day. This rate is very competitive, and while we appreciate all referrals, we cannot pay referral commission or rewards for deals with estate agents.


4. How to Apply

Please email us on or call us on 021 438 0144.