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Granite Finance is a bridging finance company with a fresh and friendly approach. We enable our clients to access proceeds
locked up in property transfers. Please contact us to see how we can help you.


Sold your property and need to access your proceeds now?
Property transfer taking too long?
#Gfin can help.


Just closed a property sale? Congratulations! #Gfin offers you the cheapest and quickest commission advances in the country, with no minimum days, no admin fees, no hidden charges and no fuss.


We understand your constraints. #Gfin offers you an efficient, low friction process that frees up more of your time to enable you to do what you do best: help your clients.


#Gfin recognizes that the best way to source good business is from professionals with close contacts in the property market. Contact us to discuss our generous referral program.

Sellers Advances

We can help you release the value locked up in your property

#Gfin helps sellers access their funds quickly and easily.

Have you recently sold your house and need some of the net sales proceeds to settle rates bills, pay moving costs, or for personal use?

Please contact us to see how we can help you. We handle all requests with confidentiality and professionalism, and match our offering to your needs.

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    We advance funds to settle outstanding rates accounts allowing your transfer to proceed

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    equity advance

    #Gfin gives you access to the net proceeds coming from your property sale ahead of registration of transfer.

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    We can help you access funds from new bonds ahead of the bond registration process being completed.

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    We pride ourselves on being the nicest guys out there!


We have real people working their hardest to help you.

087 828 0445

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Natasha has over 18 years experience in the property industry, and has excellent knowledge of the conveyancing procedure and bridging finance. Prior to Granite, she worked in conveyancing at a top South African law firm.
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Alan is a director of Gfin. He has over 20 years experience in finance and business, previously working at JP Morgan and Barclays Capital.
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Gadija has worked in the property industry for over 15 years specialising in bridging finance for estate agents and sellers. Before Gfin she worked with Ascendant and Kritzinger Attorneys. She has an in-depth knowledge of this industry and loves making deals happen for clients.

Commission Advances

Sold a property and waiting for your hard-earned commission? You’ve come to the right place!
South Africa's cheapest
@ 75c
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    Best product

    #Gfin offers you the cheapest and quickest commission advances in the country.

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    Cheapest Price

    Our price is up to 50% cheaper than the competition, is transparent and on our website for everyone to see.

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    #Gfin does not have

    What #GFIN DOES NOT HAVE are admin fees, initiation fees, or minimum fees.

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    #Gfin does have

    What #GFIN DOES HAVE is a quick and easy application process, and a friendly can-do attitude that values your business



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